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Deciding to move into a rental home really requires soul searching since it can be a major lifestyle adjustment. Every city has a lot to offer but for first time house hunters finding the right home can be a daunting task. Choosing the right rental property can be a tedious task. Avoid the following pitfalls to make your experience, a pleasurable one.

1. Choosing the right location

People usually search for homes closer to their workplace, or their children’s educational institutions. However, in this route, they may tend to overlook other locations which may offer better suited homes to them at better rental rates. Inclination towards the right location will help you organize the deep pocket. For every small remoteness, the rental prices vary, so make sure to analyze the price you are paying per sq ft and if your savings in transport costs really make up for the bigger space you are letting go of.  

2. Background check of the neighborhood

House hunters sometimes only focus on the unit they have selected, and forget to do a background check of the apartment building and neighborhood. We advice the renters to knock on the doors of a few neighbors to ask about building’s upkeep and neighborhood safety. You also can check into crime patterns with the local police department. And come back to visit the property at night: That quiet street corner could look quite different after dark.

3. Know what you want

While some look for a studio apartment others look for a 2BHK property and some can do with a top-floor single-room construction. Choosing the right property is as much about the layout and space of the apartment or home as it is about the location.

4. Contacting brokers

People search for a house through an agent or a broker assuming that their work gets simpler and with better options. Once you approach the broker, they might show you with two to three options and try to convince you with the deal. After the agreement gets signed and the payments are done with brokers, they will start ignoring the calls and won’t help you in case any issue arises with your flat. To avoid these problems, it’s best to go for flats without brokers in Bangalore. Use the internet with portals  such as spaceclick.inwhich provide great after sales service as well, and enquire about the place yourself!

5. Stretching beyond your budget 

To begin with, figure out what will be your monthly income. The internet has made Apartment or individual home evaluation so easy that renters can gatherseveral ideas to can save money. Those include renting from individual landlords, who value long-term tenants and are less likely to raise rent quickly; and signing the longest lease you can afford, since landlords often discount for long-term tenants.

6. Assess the rental agreement

 And finally, once you have made your choice, take a thorough look at the rent agreement. Look for details including rent, security deposit, and the tenure of renting; notice period from both the ends in case leaving the property before 11 months, revision of rent if any among others. Make sure the terms and conditions are agreed upon and are in favor of both the parties.

Now with these tips, start searching for a good and affordable rental house that suits your budget and convenience in Bangalore! To know more, visit www.spaceclick.in